Pic Talk: Interesting Gang Assembled For Leader

pic-talk-interesting-gang-assembled-for-nani-gang-leaderThe first look of Natural Star Nani’s new flickGang Leader is out. The teaser and the promotional build-up has led one to expect something different, and we are not disappointed.

A gang has been assembled comprising of old and young women folks. Nani is quite naturally, their leader. The ‘Revengers – Assemble’ on the poster, and the various inscriptions have definitely piqued everyone’s interest and made them further curious.

Another major factor is the name of director Vikram K Kumar. He comes with unique concepts. If not for him, maybe the same intrigue factor would not have been there in the first place. Still, a powerful title like Gang Leader doesn’t seem apt. Let’s wait and see what the upcoming promotion materials have in store.

Both Nani and Vikram Kumar’s last movies got excellent reviews but underperformed at the box office. They would be hoping to strike big with their new outing. It is the first time they are coming together, and sure they would want to make it memorable.

Gang Leader is also Nani’s with Mythri Movie Makers. Anirudh who gave scintillating music for Jersey once again provides music for Nani’s flick. Gang Leader will hit cinemas all over on August 30th.

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