Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh was released today in more than 900 theaters all over the world. The movie is said to be a feast for fans and a wholesome entertainer to normal audience. Even though, the movie is the remake of Dabangg, Harish Shankar had made enough changes in the script to suit our nativity. The movie lost a bit of tempo in the second half. However, the effect is negligible.


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1. Pawan Kalyan Body language, mannerisms
2. Dialogues written by Harish Shankar
3. Picturization of songs is equally good along with the music
4. Kabaddi scene in the first half and Anthyakshari scene in the second half


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1. Drag in the second half
2. Director and Editor should have taken more care of second half

BO Prediction: The movie has all the ingredients for fans to go mad and normal audience to get entertained in this summer. An entire generation did not get to watch Pawan Kalyan’s full potential at the box office. Mark my words you will witness the rage in the next few weeks.

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