Update from US premiere: Pawan would score a big hit with Gabbar Singh. Pawan rocked on screen with his style of dialogue delivery and dances ..Yes he did dance with the grace !!! Sure you can watch it.

30. Climax fight with Scorpios..good end with laughs.

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29. Right before the climax villian reveals how Suhasini died.

28. Villain puts Pawan in trouble..gets suspended from police job.

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27.Pawan Kalyan’s  brother sent to  Minister’s place with a sweet box containing a bomb. Bomb blasts and Minister dies.

26.”Kevvu Keka” song started.

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25.Villain donates money as party fund to get a seat.

24.”Kota” changes and stops drinking.

23.”Dilse Song ” started.

22.Pwan Kalyan married Shruthi.

21.Kota Srinivas arranges Shruthi Hassan’s marriage with Villain side. Pawan Kalyan stops the marriage.

20.”Anthyakshari” with the goons in police station, hilarious comedy.

19.Pawan Kalyan calls all the goons and make them to sit in police station

18.Second half started. Villain trying to be close with Pawan Kalyan’s brother Ajay, so that he can make fire between brothers.

First Half brief report: So far movie is Okay with lighter comedy and Pawan’s dialogues.

17. Suhasini  dies.Interval fight.

16.Pawan Kalyan with”PANCHA Kattu” went to shruthi Hassan’s place where  she makes toys.

15.”Pilla” song started,  beautifully picturised in Switzerland  with Pawan Kalyan  fantastic dance movements.

14. Kota Srinivas entrance, he is the father of  Shruthi Hassan. “Mandhu Babulam ” song started

13.Villain planning to enter into Politics. Rao Ramesh is the Politician.

12.Brahmanandam entrance as a Recovery Ranjith Kumar, a bank collection officer. Small comedy fight.

11.Second song Akasam Ammayi Ayithe  is started.

10.Shruti Haasan (Bhagyalakshmi.) entrance as a village girl.

9.Powerstar  powerfull dialogues ” Naku Nene Poti. Naatho Naake Poti..Natho Evvaru Potiki Raru, Raleru.  charitralu chetta buttalu manaki enduku”

8.Pawan Kalyan speaks in different slang.

7. Pawan Kalyan emotional dialugue to Suhasini “Padhi mandhi kosam manchi cheddam ankune vadni, padhi kalaalu bathakalani deevinchu Amma”

6.Ali ‘s entrance as constable Samba with good humorous touch.

5.Abhinyu Singh entrance as a Villain.

4.Ajay is brother and Suhasini is Mother of Pawan Kalyan.

3. Tittle song “Gabbar Singh” started. Picturization of the song is very well with Pawan Kalyan’s fantastic dance.

2.Pawan Kalyan Powerful Entrance with Horse  riding in Police dress and a small fight.

1.The Movie has just started. Puri Jaganath son as gabbar singh in flash back