Gaali Sampath Trailer TalkThe trailer of blockbuster director Anil Ravipudi’s first presentation, Gaali Sampath, is out. It is a father and son dramedy with a twist in the tale related to the former.

The trailer is a proper cut highlighting the crux of the movie. We get clarity on Gaali Sampath, his problem and the relationship he shares with his son. Their journey is what the film seems to be all about.

Sree Vishnu and Rajendra Prasad bring out both the adorable and the seriousness of a father and son pair well. The writing by Anil Ravipudi bears his mark. It is where the fun comes about in the setting.

However, there is something further happening, which we only get a hint at in the trailer. The slick making, neat production values, and sharpness of the overall thing make Gaali Sampath seem worthwhile visiting the theatre.