G**a Lo Dammunte Cinema Teeyandi: ComedianYoung Telugu comedian, Rahul Ramakrishna is a good performer on screen. He is also known for catching the attention of netizens with his hitting tweets. Here is one such new instance.

In his latest tweet, Rahul wrote “G**a Lo Dammunte Cinema Teeyandi idiots”. We have obviously censored the Telugu swear word.

This tweet from Rahul is completely out of context. No one knows if anyone said something offensive to Rahul which provoked him to make this comment. Incidentally, he didn’t have any new theatrical release today to even think he is lashing out at reviewers or perhaps even the public.

But again Rahul is known for making such attention grabbing comments on social media. As expected, the said tweet has caused an uproar as Twitter crowds are calling out Rahul.

“You make a living if we pay the tickets to watch your films. Now, you’re seemingly abusing us and how audacious can you be?” a Telugu netizen commented.