Actor cum producer Mohan Babu had famously coined the term KBG that includes three writers Kona Venkat, BVS Ravi and Gopimohan. These three are very popular writers in their own way and have worked for many blockbusters in the past and present. When it comes to individual space BVS Ravi had already turned director where as Kona Venkat has been threatening to turn one from a long time.

Unlike the other two Gopimohan has been a reticent and less vocal personality who has nothing but praises to everyone in the industry. Even Gopimohan has been in news for some time now over becoming a director but it is today that he has confirmed becoming one. The writer is ready to take the plunge as director with a film starring Sunil. His debut movie will be produced by Anil Sunkara, one among the three producers who have together established the 14 Reels Entertainment banner. He has in the past produced a hit like Bindaas and at the same time delivered a dud like Action 3D. Let’s see which side of the equation Gopimohan lands in.