Further complications on Yevadu overseas release Yevadu and its release date is proving to be the biggest suspense thriller of the year. The latest on this front is that the distributors of the film have asked the makers to release the film on January 11 with premieres on January 10. As we have mentioned earlier, in overseas, major percentage of collections are witnessed in the opening weekend itself. The rest of the collections after the first weekend accounts for only a small fraction in the larger share. Keeping this in mind the overseas distributors have asked Yevadu makers to release it on January 11 itself.

On the other hand the makers have decided to release the film in January 12, for sure, in Andhra Pradesh and the rest of India. They feel it is the perfect date to cash in the holidays ahead where the revenues would be maximum. This situation has created lots of confusion among the fans and movie lovers in general as many are left clueless about what the actual release date of the film is going to be. A Sankranthi release is guaranteed but the actual release date will be known only a week before the release, we guess.