Funny Twitter War: Mahesh-PK FansFan wars are a part and parcel of Telugu cinema. Back in the day, fans use to fight directly at theaters when their hero’s films used to release. As times have changed, the fights are going on social media these days.

Today, it is the turn of Mahesh vs Pawan Kalyan fans. In the last few hours or so, they have indulged in a silly and funny fan war, to say the least. Janasena fans posted Pawan Kalyan in three different looks from Vakeel Saab and said will Mahesh Babu ever do something this different.

As soon as this post happened, Mahesh’s fans have pounced on Pawan fans and have been indulging in funny tweet war for some time now. For outsiders, this war looks funny as both Pawan and Mahesh are the ones who did not try any makeover in their films. They have been carrying the same old look for the last few years and are playing it safe.

If you observe closely, Pawan was criticized for being seen as a student and also, was seen in a clumsy avatar when he gets back to his practice as a lawyer in Vakeel Saab. So much was said about his hair and how unkempt he was in the film.

On the other hand, Mahesh rarely tries something new and the basic transformation he did was of growing a stubble for his student’s role in Maharshi. Apart from that, Mahesh never experiments with his looks and changes his hairstyles only. Fans want him to try something new all the time but Mahesh does not experiment and does not even showcase his body.

So in such a time when both these star heroes who play it safe are dragged in discussion of makeover and fans start fighting over it, things look so funny.