Funny: Prashant Neel Being Compared With RajamouliPrashanth Neel has announced himself on the big stage with KGF 2, if he hadn’t already done so with KGF 1. The second installment of KGF franchise has opened to an encouraging word of mouth and it is registering very good openings in every major market, including Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi.

Cut to now, a section of the Telugu crowd on social media has started arguing that Prashanth is better than Rajamouli. They say Prashanth is better than Rajamouli when it comes to mass elevations and commercial filmmaking. “Rajamouli will take 10 years to make a film like KGF. Neel has done it at a brisk pace and has delivered winning output,” a netizen commented.

There is no belittling Neel’s work, but comparing him, or anyone else with Rajamouli is not a wise idea. The latter’s consistency is unparalleled. He has delivered 12 blockbusters in a row and he is the one who erased the regional cinema barrage with Baahubali.

We might occasionally see exceptional talent like Neel in this case, but what Rajamouli has done cannot be questioned or debated. In fact, Neel himself said Rajamouli is the one who inspired him to make large scale projects and paved way for pan-India cinema and that sums it up.

Prashanth Neel might become a superstar director like Rajamouli in the future, but for now, Rajamouli really is incomparable.