Mahesh_BabuMahesh Babu has millions of diehard fans. Films like Murari, Athadu, Okkadu, Pokiri, Dookudu, Khaleja, and Businessman gave birth to an ocean of cult Superstar fans which very few stars are able to achieve.

But sometimes with a heavy heart, fans have to express their frustration and give a correct message to their idol, or else there is a chance that their favorite star might start taking them for granted and remain in his comfort zone.

On Sunday, Mahesh Babu fans started trending the hashtag, #StopDoingRoutineMoviesMahesh. His past few films like Maharshi, Sarileru Neekevvaru, and Sarkaru Vaari Paata turned out hugely disappointing for fans.

One of the fans posted, “We want the vintage Mahesh Babu back.” Many others asked him to stop doing message-oriented movies. One of his die-hard fans wrote on Twitter, “Nee meeda unna prema valla odulkotledu. Bharistunnam ani matram marchipoku anna @urstrulyMahesh. NOT HAPPY with your PERFORMANCES and your MOVIES. You’ve become so predictable and boring. Pathetic phase.”

Some of them even were saying that Trivikram’s movie also looks like the same template of 4 songs three fights, some emotion, romance, and family drama.

Many Mahesh Babu fans were asking him to aim big or quit. One of the fans wrote, “Messages emaina unte @ZeeTVTelugu serial directors ki cheppu @urstrulyMahesh, anna Nuvvu matram content unna movies cheyyi. Never thought I would tweet this.. but from 2015 ur filmography has gone very down in such a way that even your very own fans r not liking ur movies so do consider it.”

Last but not the least, one fan wrote, “For your fans’ sake, for your legacy’s sake, for your reputation’s sake, pls #StopDoingRoutineMoviesMahesh.”