Kamal haasan trisha unseen kissWhen the originals are classics, remaking them is a big challenge. Taking up such challenge didn’t prove worthy in almost all the remakes of classic films. However, some film makers like to go ahead undeterred. One Ad Man Lloyd Baptista is one of them who wants to remake Balu Mahendra’s classic ‘Sadma’ (Vasantha Kokila in Telugu).

‘Sadma’ is in every aspect a masterpiece. Can we think any other actor playing the roles played by stalwarts like Kamal Haaan and Sridevi? The direction by Balu Mahendra is top notch. Be it the photography or the music or the dialogues; the film’s technicians excelled in every department.

Like many cine lovers who love sensible films, Lloyd is smitten by ‘Sadma’ to the extent that he is keen on remaking the masterpiece. He even got the remake rights of the film from the original producer in Hindi, Raj Sippy. The film maker is also going to make some changes to the narrative to suit to the present day audiences.

His intention is noble because he wants to pass on this legacy to the present generation. But it’s going to be a herculean task for him to find brilliant actors like Kamal Haasan and Sridevi to reprise the lead roles. Isn’t he trying for something nearly impossible?