Manam has proved to be a truly special movie for everyone involved with it. Not just is it a special movie for the Akkineni’s, even few other artists involved and part of the film are getting re-launched again through this film. Director Vikram Kumar needs no special mention as he has become a hot property overnight but there are couple of other well-known artists too who have benefited a lot.

They are none other music director Anup Rubens and actress Shriya. Music director Anup Rubens has been in the industry for nearly a decade but he has been relegated to doing small scale films despite giving so many chartbuster numbers. It is only recently that the music director has been getting more noticeable for his work and some big offers were coming his way. Manam was one of those and he made a huge splash with it courtesy of which the music director is now getting more big offers. Deva Devam Bhaje the upcoming biggie starring Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan could be his next real biggie, if there aren’t any more chopping’s in last minute.

Another person who has come to limelight again courtesy Manam is actress Shriya. She was once the most sought after actress in Telugu cinema, however once she shifted her focus to Tamil movies, she lost her market in Telugu films. It didn’t help her that the few films she did in Telugu too flopped. Now after a very long time, the actress got a role that has registered among the audience and immediately we see her being approached for few films. Incidentally she too has been approached for Deva Devam Bhaje to be paired with Venkatesh. Once again, if this Telugu remake of Oh My God clicks like it did in Hindi, it could flourish the career of Shriya.

While there is no doubt that Anup Rubens was going to make it big sooner or later, do you think Shriya can again get to a solid position in Telugu cinema and start her second innings playing some important roles? Do you think that Anup Rubens could be the next ‘big’ sensation and a big league music director going forward? Share us your thoughts.