Frist shocking Friday for TollywoodThis Friday, three new movies hit the theatres aka Karthikeya’s ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga‘, ‘Aadi Pudipeddi’s Sashi‘ and Manchu Vishnu’s ‘Mosagallu‘. Sadly and surprisingly, all the three new releases had a below-par opening.

All the three films had to rely only on word of mouth as they failed to create enough curiosity among the audiences to run to the theatres and the pre-release buzz was low. Now, all three of them are getting poor reviews from critics and poor talk from the common audiences.

Looks like the post-COVID honeymoon thronging to the theatres has ended after witnessing a post-pandemic theatre opening craze that had been great with average to above-average movies making noise with hit talk on Fridays.

Even average movies collected some good numbers after the lockdown. However, this week turned out to be entirely different. This is the first Friday that shocked the trade, big time. This means though audiences are coming to theatres without hesitation, they aren’t going to accept mediocre films. Food for thought, isn’t it?