Sonali Bendre, Suzanne Khan - Gayathri Oberoi.We are getting regular updates about Sonali Bendre and how she has been responding to the cancer treatment in New York. On this friendship day, the actress shared a picture in which she was seen along with her friends Suzanne Khan and Gayathri Oberoi.

The duo flew to New York to spend this Friendship Day with the cancer-stricken actress. It’s quite conspicuous that Sonali Bendre is bald and beautiful in the picture. It’s really heartening to see how she is giving attention to every moment though she knows that people are throwing strange looks at her when she says that she is happy.

Her close friends and Bollywood co-stars are trying to keep in touch with her in every possible way. Some are paying visits, while others are sending messages and a few others are asking her whereabouts and well-being of Sonali through social media. Sonali mentioned all this along with her post and felt grateful for having such caring friends. This Friendship Day turned really special with this message from Sonali Bendre.