Ruler - Prati Roju Pandaage- ClashThis Friday clash is going to be interesting with two movies not very big expectations are going to clash with each other. The first one is Balayya’s ‘Ruler’ that has no expectations right from the beginning and the expectations didn’t pick up even after the trailer was out.

The second one is Maruthi’s ‘Prati Roju Pandaage‘ with Sai Tej. Comparatively, this movie has better expectations than Balayya’s movie. Here, the director has got an advantage as he delivered blockbusters with second league heroes.

Though the subject seems not very novel, the promotional material was decent and there is every chance that he would spring a surprise with the flow of the way he took his narrative forward with the subject he had in hand.

Besides these two movies, there is Karthi’s ‘Donga’ coming absolutely with no buzz. His previous movie ‘Kaidhi’ was a super hit but this upcoming release didn’t garner buzz and mostly it’s not a known thing for common audiences about this movie’s arrival.

Who is going to dominate this Friday’s release? Will it be Maruthi with his second league hero or else, Balayya with a mass entertainer? Or else, Karthi could throw another surprise with even minimal buzz.