Telugu funny titles

According to the recently turned producer, Madan, the name of a movie plays a significant part in its promotion as unusual names appeal to the viewers and bring them to the theatres. He says, “Titles have become a very important part of a film’s promotion nowadays. Quirky titles excite audience right from the day the name of a film is announced. That is why title has become very important because it helps in keeping the buzz around a film alive.”

He added, “Titles can be compared to the teasers of movies. As trailers motivate audience to come to the cinemas, titles too have an effect on the viewers but eventually it all boils down to the content.”

Few upcoming films in the Telugu film industry having weird titles include “D for Dopidi“, “Athanu Hardware Aame Software” and “Chamak Challo“. Director Madan himself has an upcoming Telugu movie, ‘Coffee With My Wife’ starring Aneesh Tejeswar and Sindhu Loknath, with a quirky title but at the same time he feels, “it is important that the title should have direct link to the story, or viewers will feel cheated.”