Have ever thought of Spider man coming alive? Have ever wanted to fly like Batman? Surely, many of us might have dreamed so. Interestingly, a fantasy movie had come true. We are talking of SS Rajamouli’s recent super hit, Eega. Eega is the story of a housefly who takes revenge on the antagonist who kills him in his previous birth. The movie is undoubedly a fantasy story but a similar incident had recent taking place in Belfort, east of France.

Going in to detail, A crow is reportedly hunting down a 45 years old Paris Normandie. A large black crow is following her around and has attacked her four times since June. Once when she was going to work, driving in her car with the window downthe crow had nosedived into the car, gripped her arm and fought with her until she managed to push it out. Just like Eega did in Eega movie interval bang. The mother-of-four said the crow usually attacks her in the morning and when she is alone.

“I don’t dare leave the house, and when I do, I always have a knife with me,” said 45-year-old Patricia Gasser in an interview to local daily. She added
“I don’t eat anymore, I can’t sleep, and I can’t bear it any longer.”

She had complained about this crow’s menace to local police who have agreed to step up the hunt to kill the crow.