Four Films To Pose Challenge To AkhandaNandamuri Balakrishna‘s Akhanda is ruling the box office this week. The movie is on a rampage this weekend and it has to be seen how the movie performs in the working days. If at all, the movie becomes lucky like how it is so far, Akhanda will have free ground in the second week as well.

Even though there are no big films, there are some notable films releasing. Naga Shaurya’s Lakshya, Keerthy Suresh’s Good Luck Sakhi, Gamanam (Shriya and Nithya Menon), and Muddy are releasing on December 10th.

All the four films have some unique selling point in one way or the other. Even if the films manage good talk, they can not threaten Akhanda. The major challenge for the movie is to survive until then. Akhanda has to collect 56 Crore Share from its Worldwide theatrical business to be a hit.

The movie is expected to recover 75% of its target by the end of the first weekend run itself. Akhanda and Nizam are the first territories to enter the profits zones.