Siddharth-on-CAA-protest-in-ChennaiActor Siddharth is against the CAA bill that has become like a burning situation across the country, right now. He said through a tweet that he has been receiving threat tweets that he and his loved ones would be either fixed or arrested as he speaking his voice.

His voice is with the protestors who are opposing the law that Siddharth called draconian laws. Siddharth is a person who has his opinions and he reminded the people that he has every right to speak his mind and also express dissent.

The Citizenship Amendment Law is creating ripples across the country with varied opinions on the bill that was presented in Lok Sabha, recently. This bill is about providing citizenship to the illegal immigrants into the country.

The actor even joined the protests against the CAA bill in Chennai. From then, he alleged that he has been getting threats. Well, this bill is going to be one of the most debatable ones in recent times.