Forgotten Director Surfacing on Websites

Srikanth Addala Asuran RemakeIt is known that the Tamil blockbuster Asuran” is being remade in Telugu by Venky under Suresh Productions. While many think going for the remake of such a regional and critically acclaimed film is not a good idea, the new rumor about the remake is not going that well with the cinema lovers.

The Telugu Asuran has been making quite a buzz about finalizing the director for the film and here comes the rumor that Srikanth Addala is going to take the directorial responsibilities. The forgotten director is finally flashing on websites for the rumored buzz.

Do you think the idea of hopping in a director like Addala who hasn’t seen a proper success for a long time that to after delivering an unforgettable disaster like Brahmotsavam? Not many think. Well, it is not the first name that came up on social media for the director role and now Addala’s name like is not that believable too. There is a section of audience who have watched the original think Venkatesh is not a good choice to repeat Dhanush’s intense performance.

Because, after the knockout of Brahmotsavam, nobody knocked Addala’s door and now such a huge responsibility of directing an intense film like Asuran to be put on him could just be a rumor or at least the fans hope it remains a hoax. Let’s see.

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