Rajamouli - RRR- Ticket PriceThere are a few media reports that SS Rajamouli‘s RRR team is planning to approach the High Court to get flexible ticketing prices in Andhra Pradesh. The reports also say that RRR needs to have a flat rate of 500 Rupees in the first week if it were to breakeven.

We do not know if the pricing strategy is true or not but if it is true, it will backfire badly on Rajamouli and also the industry. The public which did not have a strong opinion on this issue so far will strong rally with Jagan Government’s decision to cap the ticket prices.

Even the fans will feel the pinch to spend 500 Rupees maybe except for the first day tickets. Also, with such a pricing strategy, Rajamouli and the industry will lose a moral high ground in the court. The courts may agree for a reasonable price but not for exorbitant demands like this.

A sane filmmaker like Rajamouli should know this. If at all Jagan Government gets emboldened by such acts, it will be a big loss for the industry as a whole. The sympathy which the industry is drawing now will disappear all of sudden.