Superstar Mahesh Babu is gearing up for a new release tomorrow. His Aagadu hits the screens worldwide in record number of theaters. So here are few things it needs to do and few things it could do well to avoid getting further down the ladder as we already know Mahesh Babu is the closest to number 1 position in Telugu.

First let’s take a look at what it needs to do:

Opening day record: Aagadu needs to get opening day record in AP and Telangana states, to show that Mahesh Babu is no less than other stars in terms of initials, this is something the star has been lacking from the beginning with only a couple of films at best managing that feat.

Now we take a look at what the film needs to avoid:

Into top 3: At one point the star had 2 films out of top three and that is when he was looked as the strongest contender for number 1 position. Times have changed so quickly that he now has no films in top 5. If Aagadu fails to make it he might be pushed further down by the time his next release arrives.

In short, these are the two things that everyone is very eagerly looking for. Can Aagadu achieve both? If not which one do you think would be easier to achieve? If it can achieve the latter can it go all the way? Tell us what you think below.