Sudheer Babu is keenly awaiting the release of Hunt and he has started to promote the film as it heads for release on the 26th of January. He sat down for an exclusive interview with and here’s what he had to say about the same.

“When I received a call from Bhavya Creations regarding a script, I listened to it and was instantly ignited. I knew Bhavya would make content driven films. I listened to the script by Mahesh and was impressed with the honesty. I okayed the film with honest intentions” Sudheer said.

About Mahesh Babu’s lean phase following the sad passing’s of the family members, Sudheer got emotional.

“Mahesh took these setbacks like a man. He knew he had to stand strong as the whole family broke down. If he expressed his pain, the whole family would’ve shattered and he didn’t let it happen. It takes a lot from a man to stand strong in these situations. I admire Mahesh’s mental strength” Sudheer said.

Sudheer added that Mahesh used to come to the house every morning while his mother, Indira was sick. “For 15 days, he cancelled all shoots to spend time with mother. He used to come every morning and evening. Ramesh garu and Krishna garu’s passings were sudden and tragic”.

About Hunt, Sudheer said the film is an honest film without any forced commercial highs. He says the film is free of any calculated tropes of a thriller and adds the film will genuinely thrill the audience.

Hunt is releasing on the 26th of this month. The film is directed by Mahesh and produced by Bhavya Creations.