Fools-Should-Shut-Their-Mouths-About-Pawan-Kalyan-Marriage---NareshQuite seriously, senior actor Naresh was seen taking Pawan Kalyan’s side and calling Pawan’s political opponents as fools who are attacking the power star on his multiple weddings.

Expressing his opinion in an interview, Naresh said that nobody has got the right to question the personal matters of an individual as long as the person has married twice or thrice legally because his earlier marriages didn’t work for him.

Naresh asked, “Aren’t you politicians ashamed of yourselves to drag private matters into public life? Don’t you have your own personal lives and would you like to bare them out?”

The senior actor also opined people like Pawan Kalyan are trying to bring a change and one must support him for that. Naresh spoke quite strongly supporting the star turned political leader.

Leaving the film industry and its glamour when he is at the peaks of his career isn’t a joke, said Naresh who likes what Pawan has been doing and hence, supporting him.