Tamil Film Producers CouncilThe Tamil Film Producers Council has requested to pass a rule that will allow movie reviews of new movies to come out only after 3 days of their release. They are also requesting theater owners not to allow YouTube channels to do first-day first-show movie reviews from their premises.

The TFPC demands are illogical and impractical. In this era of the digital revolution, it is impossible to stop reviews from spreading. The Telugu film chamber has also proposed such rules, but they should realize that they can’t control the voice of people.

Instead of trying to delay the movie reviews and fool the public, the makers should concentrate on making films worth the price of the ticket. The makers should put all their resources into making good, exciting films instead of indulging in such gimmicks.

If the movie turns out to be good, these early reviews will actually help in spreading positive word-of-mouth and attract more footfalls, making it easier for the producers to reach breakeven sooner than before.

The early reviews can turn out to be a boon or a bane, depending on the content of the film.