Bheenla nayak folk artisrBheemla Nayak first single ever since its release is on the YouTube trends by trending at number one place. The music with raw and earthy beats has left netizens to go gaga, the video also put a limelight on the folk artist – Darshanam Mogilaiah, who plays ‘12 Metla Kinnera’ thus is known by his instrument name as Kinnera Mogilaiah.

The folk artist with his hoarse and unique voice has lent vocals which is seen in the opening of the song. While he is getting galore of response to his voice, many are also pondering over the fee of Kinnera Mogilaiah.

So how much have Bheemla Nayak makers paid him? Well, the makers are yet to pay his remuneration. This was revealed by Kinnera Mogilaiah himself in an interview. “They have given me money for my miscellaneous expenses. But I am yet to get paid. Of course, they will pay me. They assured me of a meeting with Pawan Kalyan too. I don’t know what he would bestow on me but I am sure the meeting will be worth,” says Mogilaiah.

He adds that he never aspired for money and only believed in his talent. Although he struggles to make his ends meet, he is happy with the recognition and honour given by many including the Telangana government.