JD and RGV have worked together in a few films and the former even remade couple of films of his master in Telugu. JD had apparently directed these films and unfortunately he failed in the process. In fact, RGV’s films that featured JD, except Satya, also bombed big time. It makes us wonder why an unsuccessful actor is reuniting with a director who has completely lost his talent.

The filmmaker, who has announced Ice Cream 2, has roped in his honest disciple JD Chakravarthy in an important role in the film, which features newcomer Naveena in the lead.

Ice Cream 2 is said to be a horror-thriller and the auteur promises to up the thrill quotient in the film vis-a-vis its prequel. He also added that it might not be an actual sequel to Ice Cream, because this film is said to be an extension of the first part. The film is already on the floors and is expected to hit the screens this September. Meanwhile, RGV will also start working on his next film with Mohan Babu, who has even gone bald for his role in the film.