Flop Director Continues To Target NithiinAmma Rajasekhar is known to this generation as an irritating Bigg Boss contestant, but in his heydays, he made some atrocious movies like Ravi Teja’s Khatarnak and Nithiin’s Takkari. He also made a half-decent movie called Ranam with Gopichand.

Now he is coming back with another movie, ‘Hi Five.’ Recently he tried to get some cheap publicity by targetting Nithiin, whom he allegedly invited to the pre-release event. But Nithiin didn’t attend the function. Amma Rajasekhar blasted Nithiin, saying that he was the one who taught Nithiin how to dance, and he thought the actor would give him respect as his guru.

Amma Rajasekhar claimed that the hero had been invited to the occasion nearly ten days prior and that he insulted him just because he is a flop director today. Rajasekhar was brutally trolled on social media for such silly stunts.

As if that was not enough, he is now giving interviews on YouTube and repeating the same topic again and again to gain some publicity for his film.

Seems Amma is in some La La Land, and assuming that these ridiculous statements will attract some eyeballs and people will throng to watch his film in theaters. But he must realize that such interviews will only become a reason to troll him even more on social media and bring his reputation (?) down.

Well, one can certainly understand why Nithiin preferred to skip the event if they watched the ‘Hi Five’ trailer. Perhaps he thought it’s better not to become publically involved with the sleazy adult fest Rajasekhar has made in the name of a film.