Five minutes of fame better than roles: Hamsa Nandini

One of the most sought after item girl in the industry today is Hamsa Nandini. She has starred in a bunch of item numbers, but is not worried about not playing plum roles to prove her acting prowess. She says she likes five minutes of fame in an item number than doing a full-fledged role with just a few scenes.

She asks what is wrong in doing item numbers when the audiences like to see her in such songs. She says that producers call her requesting to an item number because her last song was very well received by the audiences, but she has also said ‘no’ to a few songs for various reasons.

She admits item numbers bring fame and lot of recognition, especially if the song is with a top star. She says those few minutes of cheering for her is far better than not even a clap for a role in a film.