Hero Shivaji Pawan Kalyan party

Actor who blasted all the politicians with his recorded message, Shivaji, is now ready to join Pawan Kalyan at his new party. Shivaji has said that he will be happy to join Pawan in this fight for development and goodwill, if he really sets up a party.

Many political parties have approached him for working for them but he denied the invitations. When he heard about Pawan’s new party in the news, he was very excited. Pawan is a true, dynamic leader; a leader, both these states need right now, he praised. Shivaji, though not very close to Pawan, has been in situations with Pawan where he noticed Pawan’s eminence. Politics is nothing but service and I’m sure I can do that at a greater level if I join PK, he added.

Going by the records, we can say that Shivaji has a genuine aim of serving people and attaining development. If Pawan Kalyan’s party comes to life in real and, if Shivaji joins it, at what extent can they bring a change into the society? And more importantly, will people accept them, together?