First Telugu Director Who Started Shooting After Lockdown Tells His OpinionRavibabu‘s Crrush is the first film in Tollywood to begin its shooting after the Lockdown. The movie shooting is more than 90% complete before the Lockdown and Ravibabu managed to complete the remaining Talkie portion with just twenty-six people on the set.

The team is yet to can the remaining five songs. However, Ravibabu says that shooting the films following all the conditions imposed by the Government is just impossible. “We can not shoot a love story without a hug scene. We can not do a family entertainer without ten people sitting side by side at the dinner table,” he said in an interview.

“It is difficult to shoot films under current rules and restrictions. It is better to sit at home than to shoot in these conditions,” he added. Ravibabu hinted about a possible direct online release for Crrush. This will mean that the industry is going to have a tough time in the coming days.

Understandably, less than half a dozen films have started their shooting even though it is a month since the Telangana Government gave permission for the shootings.