First-Sign-Of-Jr-NTR---Ram-Charan-Co-operationUntil very recently it was widely speculated in the trade that the upcoming films of Ram Charan (with Boyapati Sreenu) would arrive for Dussera whereas Jr NTR’s film with Trivikram Srinivas will make it to Sankranthi festival, next year. Recently, at the start of the shoot of Tarak-Trivikram movie, it was made clear that it will be ready for Dussera.

Now we hear that the film of Ram Charan will be moved to Sankranthi 2019. As of now, Sankranthi 2019 is not taken by any biggie although there are indications that either Mahesh Babu’s 25th or 2.0 might make it to the festival. There is also an outside chance for Sahoo, but that is far-fetched at the moment.

If RC12 moves to the festival next year, it can undoubtedly be interpreted as the first sign of co-operation between the two stars. Both the actors get to benefit from the extended holiday periods.