First ‘Original’ Hit for Aha Video!!Telugu Exclusive OTT Platform, Aha Video finally opened its account. The OTT Platform has amassed more than eleven million downloads in its stint over one year. It is focusing to bring more and more original content to Telugu audience but is not very successful until now.

However, Aha Video threw a surprise the other day with its Original web series,Kudi Yedamaithe. The web series directed by U-Turn fame Pawan Kumar has got so much of appreciation from the critics ( Review here) and the word of mouth is also very positive.

The web series about the Timeloop concept may not leave the same feeling to everyone due to its inherent nature but would certainly leave a positive impression on everyone. The director has made it with a tinge of intelligence which is like a fresh breeze for Telugu OTT audience in particular.

Moreover, the fact that Kudi Yedamaithe is not another rom-com or comedy entertainer will work more in favor of Aha Video. This will motivate the OTT Platform’s creative team further to push their limits. Hopefully, this will trigger a lot of good content to Telugu audience in coming days.