First One Million Telugu Video on Twitter!A western user on Twitter has posted a clip from SS Rajamouli’s badass action extravaganza RRR. He captioned the clip, “I’ve watched 29 MCU movies. I’ve never seen a shot as ridiculous and incredible as this truck/animal shot in RRR (on Netflix).”

This video has clocked in more than 10 million views which is a record. No other Indian video has ever touched the 10 million mark. What is more astonishing is the fact that the user (Nate Offord) has less than 1000 followers, but still, the video went viral.

NTR fans are rejoicing in this achievement as that clip is the one just before the interval where NTR unleashes the beasts on the British.

NTR is the first actor to create 9 million & 10 million views benchmarks for an Indian video on Twitter.

RRR continues its record-breaking spree even four months after its theatrical release. No one would have expected the film to get such an unprecedented response in the OTT space from an international audience, including the phenomenal SS Rajamouli.

People on social media are saying that with the kind of appreciation RRR is getting worldwide, it would not be a surprise if it wins Oscar next year.