Mahesh babu summer release film

This is something that might have slipped off people’s radar but Superstar Mahesh Babu’s hasn’t had a release in summer for almost a decade now. The last film of his to release for summer was Pokiri in 2006 and we know the kind of sensation it created at box office and went on to become an Industry hit as well.

Today a new film of Superstar was launched in the direction of Koratala Siva and its being slated to release in summer of 2015 which, in effect, would mean a summer release after 9 years for Mahesh Babu. Incidentally among the twenty films he has completed so far only four films have been summer releases. Most of his films (eleven with Aagadu) have been Dushera season or Sankranthi releases. Among the four films released in summer only Pokiri was the big success whereas the rest failed. With the Koratala Siva movie planned for summer next year, let’s see if the summer stats of Mahesh Babu get better or worse.