Chandrababu ecabinet meeting

Chandrababu who is known as Hi-Tech Chief Minister is going to set a new record tomorrow. According to sources, AP government will have a eCbainet meeting tomorrow which no other Chief Minister in our country hasn’t attempted this kind of idea so far.

Chandrababu’s tech team reportedly trained the ministers on how to participate in this e-meeting. Ministers have to just download the App eCabinet to find out the meeting agenda and have a discussion with CM right from their offices. Ministers can access this app logging in to their laptops, desktops and iPads. Ministers have been given strict instructions to keep the password details confidential, though they will not be able to share the data from this app to any one. Perhaps is this why Chandrababu holds a special place in the hearts of Telugus for his vision and aggressive nature of adopting current generation technologies at this age. Way to go CM.