First,-a-Huge-Flop,-Second-on-the-Way---Jayalalitha's-Biopic-'Thalaivi'Tamil Nadu’s former Chief Minister, Jayalalitha’s biopic ‘Thalaivi’ is in the process of making and the first look motion poster has got some mixed reactions because of the prosthetic makeup of Kangana Ranaut while playing the politician part of the former actress.

Now, there is another update with regarding the movie that actress Priyamani is going to play a very crucial part in the movie as the most influential persona in Jayalalitha’s life, her close aide and advisor Sasikala.

Priyamani might be an award-winning actress for a reason because she has got a realistic role that made her the best actress. That doesn’t mean she would be naturalistic enough to play a role like Sasikala, who might have both positive and grey shades to her character.

Looks-wise, Priyamani nowhere resembles Sasikala and that she also might need too much makeup or even prosthetics like Kangana needed for playing the politician’s part.

When it comes to prosthetic makeup, that inhibits actors as their facial expressions are restricted. The overall impact will be very low.