hema maa electionsWhen the MAA elections results were out, one most controversial celebrity missing on the scene is too conspicuous. It’s fine that the presidential candidate Jayasudha , who is very sensitive is missing and there had been speculations that she sensed her defeat even before the counting started and hence didn’t bother to come to the counting venue.

But more than Jayasudha, it was Hema who was the most awaited. The actress who was dare enough to throw open challenge to mega brother Naga Babu, isn’t seen anywhere during the counting and also after the announcements of the results. It’s not only Naga Babu, Hema directly collided with Shivaji Raja and Rajendra prasad and went to the extent of filing police complaints, complaints on them for Human Rights and what not!

Elections aren’t new to Hema. She contested in the previous general elections and even in that scenario, her strategy misfired very badly. Inspite of her extensive campaigning, she couldn’t even win the deposit and only 400 plus votes polled on her name. And in this present MAA elections scenario, she had been the most controversial with challenges and back to back allegations on big names in the industry.