With each day passing it is becoming more and more clear that a big director would be given the responsibility to launch Akkineni Akhil. Well here is an inside scoop on who could be this big director. Sources say it could Trivikram Srinivas who will be given the opportunity to launch the star son. Talks are currently in advanced stage according to sources.

So when exactly would the director be taking on this project? As we all know the director is slated to do a film with Allu Arjun, so that project would happen as planned and its only after that project is completed the debut movie Akhil would be taken up. This means that Akhil debut will most likely happen only next year and fans have to wait till next winter to see the Akkineni heir on big screen.

Once again we remind the readers, as we have reported earlier, Akkineni Nagarjuna is taking all the care to ensure a sensational debut for Akhil. He is looking at best for his launch and Trivikram Srinivas is currently under his radar.