Finally, Vulgar Tv Shows Face This Restriction?While the movies have the restriction from picturing a lot of content, do the television shows undergo the same standard of restrictions? Not really. Crime portraying shows on the television are vigorously played with a lot of inappropriate content in the name of real incidents.

Finally, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has apparently realized the fact that television shows have no such censorship to filter out the inappropriate content that reaches all the classes of the people from kids to the elder. Scenes or events like rape, extramarital affair presentations, illegal relationships, murders in different methods, etc., reach the audience within one tap of the remote.

CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani has opinionated that while films that are played on the television have a ton of limitations, why not the television gets it, which actually hosts a wide range of audience? There is a hearsay that the board is going to apply censor to the television shows too which Pahlaj refused to comment on.