Finally, Suriya makes a comment on TN politicsThe proceedings that took place in the state of Tamil Nadu today will surely go down in the history of Indian democracy. The cat and mouse game for the post of Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister took so many twists and turns that a movie script could be easily made out of it.

In all this chaos, the common man in the state was very upset to see the situation going out of control as both the political parties were creating a ruckus in the state assembly.

So many of the educated lot posted their opinions on the social media but the one which came from Suriya was probably the best. In a Tamil tweet, he expressed that as normal people who have elected the government they cannot do anything and are just sitting back and enjoying the scenario by having snacks and making time pass statements.

This is the first time that a star of the stature of Suriya has responded on a sensitive issue like this. If this the case of celebs imagine the situation of the normal middle class person who depends a lot on the government for things in his life to happen.