Finally, One Director Deva Katta Made Perfect Sense on Review WritersWhen it comes to the review writers and the critics, the film industry is maintaining double standards by appreciating the review writers whenever a film gets positive reviews. They use the positive reviews to show the positive buzz about the movie. Whenever a movie gets mixed reviews, a few filmmakers openly attack the review writers.

This kind of dual talk has become common nowadays. When asked to express his opinion on review writers, intelligent writer and director Dev Katta made complete sense when he said that review writers are doing their job as filmmakers do their job.

Everybody in this life has their own right to do anything. Review writers are into the business of writing reviews and hence, are entitled to write their opinion said Dev Katta. Review writing and critical analyses, as a business has its own potential. Looks like, Dev Katta understands that like filmmakers have the liberty to express their take through movies, even critics have the same.