Nara Rohith Weight Loss Six Pack Abs Chandrababu Naidu AdviceOne complaint we are consistently hearing about young hero Nara Rohit is his weight. Finally, the actor took a call on the weight issue he is facing and revealed that he is going to shed weight for a fitter look in one of his upcoming projects to go on floors from January, 2017 onwards.

He is not sure whether he would focus on achieving a six-pack but he is definitely going to lose that extra flab. This is really a right decision made by the actor who is looking older for his age because of the weight. The horrible weight shows that he is doing films without taking care of his look.

Even his pedananna (father’s elder brother), CM Chandra Babu Naidu advised him to lose weight after watching ‘Jyo Achytananada‘. Well, that was a sound advice indeed and it is the right time that Nara Rohit finally going to work out for the sake of a fit and healthier look.