finally-mother-prafulla shetty -opens-up-about-prabhas-anushka-shetty-marriageThough there had been rumours on Prabhas linking up with Anushka Shetty after their sizzling chemistry in ‘Billa’, they had catapulted to the next level only after the humongous success of ‘Baahubali’ and the on-screen chemistry between Baahubali and Devasena, the roles essayed by the actors.

Despite the denial from both of them, the rumours kept surfacing whenever the gossipmongers sensed favourable winds to cook up the rumour and they serve the same gossip, again and again. Finally, it’s Anushka Shetty‘s mother who requested the media to stop spreading rumours about Prabhas and Anushka’s marriage.

But, she added that every mother would like a guy like Prabhas but the duo is only good friends and their sizzling chemistry is only limited to the on-screen characters, not in the real life. Well, that’s completely clear and hope, the rumourmongers won’t cook up the same stale rumour again.