Finally 'Major' Solution To Ticket Prices Issue!Major is one of the promising outings from Telugu cinema. The film is slated for release on June 3 and the unit has been aggressively promoting the same. In an interesting development, the makers have gone for early paid premieres in Hyderabad, as is known.

What’s interesting is that the ticket prices for Major’s premieres have been locked at Rs 195. Adivi Sesh has now announced that Major will have the lowest ticket prices for any Telugu film after the third wave. The prices in Telangana are Rs 150 at single screens and Rs 195 at multiplexes. The prices in Andhra Pradesh are Rs 147 at single screens and RS 197 at plexes.

Given the current trend where people are not too interested in shelling out big bucks for non-event films, the move by the makers of Major could well be a very good one.

Major appears to be coming with normal ticket prices and it could well be used as a yardstick for the films to follow. If the normal ticket prices prospect works for the film, we can expect a few more Telugu films to follow the same in the near future.