Finally,-Krish-Opens-up-on-Mystery!Kangana’s Manikarnika was released between a hell lot of controversies and the most mysterious one was why the actual director of the film Krish had to leave the film abruptly. He kept mum until the film is released and finally he opened up on the mystery including the fact that he was paid only 30% of what they agreed.

According to Krish, Kangana was not very happy with Krish’s work and was comparing it with that of a ‘Bhojpuri film’. As if that was not enough, the actress suggested killing Sonu Sood’s role in the interval which is against the history which Krish didn’t agree, also Sonu(which is why he left the project). Not just that, she behaved the rudest and wanted to be everything of the film.

Even the producer Kamal Jain was nodding to Kangana and Krish decided to leave and Kangana took up the director role. She claimed 70% percent of the film to be shot by her, but as Krish says, 20-25% of the first half has been his work and 10-15% of the second half was done by the actress in the shoes of the director. But Krish says, the film came out brilliant as his climax was kept intact except for a couple of shots. So, what do you think? Does this justify Krish’s decision? Maybe.