Finally, Koratala Made Chiranjeevi Do ThatThough Chiranjeevi’s humongous screen presence in ‘Sye Raa’ has proved that he is said to be the megastar of the Telugu Film Industry for a reason, we still thought that his looks would improve immensely if he can try something to look fitter.

Finally, looks like our wish was fulfilled after looking at this pic that is going viral now. The megastar is seen with his fitness trainer obviously working out for his role in Koratala Siva’s movie. It’s an exciting thing for the die-hard mega fans.

Koratala Siva’s movie with Chiru will create an excellent buzz for sure and if Chiranjeevi achieves something with regard to his look, it would be like an icing on the cake. We are really curious about this combo and as per the buzz, Ram Charan might be playing a crucial role in the movie.

Chiranjeevi, probably Ram Charan with Koratala Siva getting ready for a story with an underlying message is definitely something to look forward to. What do you think?