Finally, Fans Get The Prabhas From Baahubali 2 Saahore SongTruth be told, no matter how big a hit a movie is fans of a star would want the star to be center of attraction and don’t want any factor to dominate him. At the same time, they look for hero elevations in the movie more than the content. If both are there everything is well and good but if it’s only one thing fans don’t get that easily satisfied.

For all glory of the first part of Baahubali fans had the above-mentioned problem with Baahubali even though Baahubali means Prabhas. All they cared or wanted was Prabhas getting the elevations he deserved that too when doing a movie with SS Rajamouli, the master of elevations.

Looks like all the fans wishes are going to be fulfilled with Baahubali 2. The Sahore Baahubali video released today is a glimpse of that. It completely focuses on Prabhas and this video song teaser alone has more elevations compared to entire Baahubali movie. Fans surely are going to love this on the big screen in cinemas all over. Check out the video song below.