Mahesh Babu Director Vamshi PaidipallyDespite the commercial success of the movie, Mahesh Babu’s ‘Maharshi’ director Vamshi Piadipally has become one of the most favourites for online trolls. However, he has got a huge respite in the form of two national awards for the film he was trolled the most, repeatedly.

Maharshi‘ won the National Award for the Best Popular Film for Providing Wholesome Entertainment and also Raju Sundaram won the Best Choreographer award for ‘Maharshi’. This is once again a big thing for the director who has got a big relief because of the same film that became the reason for trolling him ruthlessly.

Whenever a new film with a farmer’s backdrop comes into play, Vamshi Paidipally were always attacked by the superstar’s for they believed that he lacked genuinity in the presentation of an intense concept like agriculture putting into a lot of commercial elements.

Maybe, from now onwards, that trolling will stop and Mahesh’s fans will take a break for once and all. What do you think, guys? By the way, congratulations to all the National Award winners.