Akhil, Akhil Akkineni Hanu Raghavapudi Movie Confirmed, Akhil Second Movie Confirmed, Akhil Director Hanu Movie Official, Akhil Hanu Film ConfirmedIt has been a long wait since Akhil’s debut movie was released. Finally, Akhil has some good news about his second movie. He announced on Twitter that the pre-production work is complete and is going on to sets soon.

Guess who the director is? It is Hanu Raghavapudi of ‘Andaala Rakshasi’ and ‘Krishna Gaadi Veera Premagadha’ fame. The director had been working on the script for Akhil’s second movie. Hence no details were given when in the pre-production stage.

Except the director’s name, no other detail is revealed by Akhil. But he seems to be excited to start shooting for his next soon. The heroine, other casts, and the technicians details are going to be out in the coming days. Finally, some good news for Akkineni fans regarding Akhil!